Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year and... We're Back!

Hi folks, first, from Mulder, Mrs PVP and I a heartfelt happy new year to one and all.

Mulder parties hard
I think, along with a lot of people, 2014 will be a year we want to mostly forget, here's to 2015 being made entirely of win. Oddly, part of that win is the resumption - in a much reduced capacity - of commercial operations here at PVP HQ. When I closed PVP a while ago now it was largely because I couldn't maintain capacity and protect my wrist (RSI) and couldn't see a way to it ever making enough to support me properly. However, after months looking for work in a still very unfriendly economy. With being "unemployed guy" doing me no favours at all and there being no obvious disadvantages to running a business making not a lot at all. I'm thus reopening until I find something more permanent!

I am changing the way I work a little, want to stick to my strengths rather than offering a service that others can do cheaper. My strength has always been crafting exactly what a client wants for character rather than churning out basecoat-drybrush-wash hordes. Have a look at the hire us section for details. I've raised the prices a little - but here's the thing, I still won't even make minimum wage on these prices - but you'll get the care and attention that I lavish on everything. I paint better than I photograph so the results are even better in the flesh. The main reason for the change is to allow me to also have time for the other half of the business that I occasionally post here, bespoke props for LARP.

I don't know how long it'll last, I might suddenly get a full time job offer and need to close down again, but with the rise of part time contracts being the norm I expect to be able to keep it going a while :)

Hobby content will be cranking up again in the next few weeks, got all sorts of projects in the works so painted miniatures all over the shop soon :) Until then, here are two funky sword gifs as a late christmas present.

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