Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Steel Legion Officers (Rust proofing extra)

Hi folks, quickee for you. Just the two lads today:

They're from Project Leviathan and there's only two more to go on that project! Chap on the left is a normal plastic Cadian officer with a third-party metal replacement head, chap on the right is Rommel X from Kabuki models. Sadly his head was a tad on the small side for mixing well with the GW chaps and chapesses so the client asked me to replace it. A tank commander's head seemed to fit the bill nicely. They're both from the Steel Legion - an Armageddon based Imperial Guard army - so their colour scheme is identical. What is interesting is how different the models feel with the ratios of the colour scheme changed. They hang together well but are clearly different units.

Easy one first. To get that classic Steel Legion khaki, first basecoat in Steel Legion Drab (shocker right?) and shade with Agrax Earthshade. Highlight first by adding Baneblade Brown in ever increasing amounts then by adding a tiny bit of Karak Stone to the pure Baneblade Brown. Their leather is covered by Val Leather Brown again shaded by Agrax Earthshade and the dark trousers are Val German Camo Black-Brown shaded with two careful layers of Nuln Oil. There was only one armour colour for "Steel Legion" in my opinion... Steel. Dark metal would appear more soldierly than bright so I started from AP Gunmetal with a bit of black thrown in. AP Plate Mail Metal is the highest the highlighting goes on the armour. His bionic arm got some AK Interactive Engine Oil in the moving parts (that stuff is fast becoming an automatic addition to 40k models, anything with an engine or moving parts is finding itself lubed up these days).

Not-Rommel-X-No-More got treated in exactly the same way, but because he is mostly armour the character of the model is vastly different. I see him as a stormtrooper commander of the Steel Legion, fully armoured, straight backed and arrogant. A nice model to work on.

That's all folks, still ploughing through the last bits (wrist pain and job-hunting slowing me down a little) but we will get there! Until next time