Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Inquisitor Huron

Hi folks, yeah, I know, he doesn't look a lot like a pair of rhinos but he got finished first so here he is! This is the second of the Inquisitors for the Inq28 commission (there's a bunch more to come), the first - who I have mentally named Bling-nor of the Hill People - can be found here. Today's entry is a tiny bit more understated:

Yep, that's Forgeworld's Lugft Huron (he's the chap who became the Huron Blackheart, the Tyrant of Badab) remade - a bit - into a servant of the Holy Ordos of the Inquisition. As the second of the Terminator armoured Inquisitors I wanted him to look very, very different to "Inquisitor Bling-nor". That meant a darker, more utilitarian scheme. I'd figured that black would look nifty with red and white/steel accents but another colour was going to be needed. Gold would have been too close to Bling-nor. Highly polished brass though? That would work.

In order to balance the brass colour across the shoulder pads I needed the Crux Terminatus (the icon on the left shoulder pad) to be be a warm yellow/brown. Traditionally though, it's stone (the icon is supposed to contain a tiny fragment of the Emperor's own armour from the Great Crusade). The answer? Marble. One of the brown coloured ones (it comes in all sorts of colours).

I like this model a lot, but the jewel in the crown? That claw. Damn is that claw cool. Eagle style talons paired with the traditional wolverine style lightning claws. So, so cool. It was impossible to photograph but there is Huron's clenched fist visible amongst the talons. Really, really nice component.

With that, we're done for the day. Just the one figure, those tanks are almost there, so nifty tank pics soon.


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  1. Really awesome figure & paint-job. That claw-talon combo fist is amazing!