Monday, 9 June 2014

Eisenkern Mules

Hi folks, a quickee today, I mentioned in the Eisenkern Imperial Guard article that mechanisms and devices were the strength of the Dreamforge kit. The jewel in the crown of the Eisenkern though are their luggage robots... no really:

These are the Eisenkern Mules. Luggage lugging robots designed around the same principles as the Big Dog robots being developed for the US army. They're ingeniously designed - if a little fiddly, three part legs etc. - and allow an insane level of posing. Really, really nice kits that I can heartily reccommend. You can see better pictures of the posing below. I thought about making cargo for the top but then realised just how easy it would be to make "drop in" cargos, casualties etc. for scenario specific purposes. It freed them up for multiple uses to leave them empty.

The first of the Mules I painted in a sort of military fatigue green. with bare metal everywhere else. I picked out some of the areas of the "head" to be glass covered sensor arrays. Most of the work on these was actually done with weathering. A few thin layers of thin rust and dusty enamel washes lent them a "middle of a warzone but without the presence of mind to dust self down" vibe. Other than that, some oil washes at the joins and Robert's your father's brother.

The second of the Mules I decided to go with a more "civilian" vibe. I used the sensor-ish head for this one and it felt like a warehouse cargo hauler rather than a military load lifter. Black and the ubiquitous 40k hazard stripes were given the same treatment as the military one with the weathering. The two feel very different despite much the same processes being used which pleased me (they're designed to be shared among the client's Inq28 groups).

And that is it for today. On the workbench are a pair of Inquisitorial rhinos which are looking fairly spanky and should be finished tomorrow, expect piccies!


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