Friday, 28 February 2014

Corsair Queen

Hi folks, very quick update to finish off the week. Remember me saying that I had finished all the Corsair infantry? Forgot one!

While I will get to the painting in a minute, first I wanted to talk about the process of deciding on a "look" as it was a meandering one this time. I'm not sure what the original donor model was but it has had a new arm, head and hair added by my client. Now, the body was female, the head, more androgenous and sharper than you would normally sculpt "feminine". Nothing wrong with that but it started me thinking how to paint her so that she wouldn't look "ugly". Then I was looking at the sculpting of the rest of it. Thick cloak, trimmed with fur, an elegant dress/armour, pose quite static... I started to think, an older woman. Then the concept came together, a matriach of the Corsairs. An aging, still potent queen to command them.

Once this had crystallised it informed the rest of the scheme. It helps to get that story sorted so that all the pieces fit. Otherwise, there isn't much to talk about on this one that hasn't been said elsewhere in the corsair posts. I took the armour more coppery this time as she needed to stand out a little. I also used a trick I'd figured out on The Doctor to do the hair. Didn't want her completely grey, just greying. So you paint the base colour on and then "highlight" the streaks with increasingly light shades of grey miced into the base colour. Not great for photography but nice enough in real life!

Anyway, like I say, just a quickee. Enjoy the weekend folks


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