Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My 54mm Inquisitor Collection - All For Sale

**EDIT: Everything here has been sold! That is a new PVP record. Should anything fall through for any reason I'll reopen the sale. Otherwise, enjoy the pretty pictures!**

Hi folks, today I am putting up pictures of what was a big chunk of my gaming life but has since rather withered on the vine. Inquisitor when it came out was a revalation to me and the large scale 54mm miniatures were a lot of fun to paint. Sadly, I think I am done with it. These days I'm more likely to go 28mm scale and adapt the rules. So I am selling everything, priced more than fairly.

You'll notice some of them are a tad battered, some in distinct state of disrepair. There's a story to that. I took them into the Oxford shop one day (where I worked) because we were doing a specialist games weekend and I said I'd show them off. One of the lads, excited, asked if he could pick one up for a closer look. "Sure!" said I. Bless him, when he got it to eye level it slipped and smashed down right into the gang. I don't think anything survived unscathed. I had to go and have a quiet moment to myself as the kid looked so sick with shame and fear that I think he would have committed seppuku with a craft knife if I had handed him one. I had a moment, forgave him and then figured out some new conversions and poses with the most broken figures. Not all are finished. Those are priced accordingly. So, without further ado: How this works. There is a price under every model in the captions. Everything sold as seen. First come (by email time stamp) first served. Note that under the Royal Mail's pricing policy all small parcels cost about the same so there is a flat £3 p&p in the UK no matter how many you buy. Contact me with the "contact us" bar above.

There is also the option to just buy everything. This will be £300 saving £37 on buying individually. I'll adjust those numbers if things sell.

I want 'em gone to good homes folks. Adopt an inquisitor today:

#001 Space Marine - £20

#002 Converted Pilot - £18

#003 Converted Inquisitor - £18

#004 Veteran - £18

#005 Converted Priest - £18

#006 Reposed Redemptionist - £18

#007 Converted Assassin - £18
#008 The Biggie: Converted Chaos Space Marine, lots of work in this - £40

#009 Converted, unpainted Inquisitor - £15

#010 Half Painted Tech-Priest - £15

#011 Converted Sniper, rifle was destroyed in The Incident - £12
#012 Unpainted Archoflagellant - £12

#013 Unpainted Chaos Magus conversion - £15

#014 Reconverted, unpainted Priest - £15
#015 Cyber Mastiff - £8

#016 Archao-flagellant 1 - £12

#017 Archaoflagellent 2 - £12

#018 Witch Hunter Tyrus - £12

#019 Eisenhorn bits - £8

#020 Sister assassins with - for some reason - extra legs - £18

#021 BITZ! - £15


  1. Hi there! I'm curious as to if you're Inquisitor items are still for sale?

    1. Yep, all sold and winging their way across the Atlantic as we speak. Thanks for the interest.