Monday, 11 November 2013

For Sale - Painted Cygnar army

This army has been provisionally sold 


Hi folks, it's been a bit quiet on the blog front of late, I know. This is all to do with that pesky RealLife getting all over my business and my personal hobby. I am back to work now and updates will be more frequent. During this time though, I've been able to take stock of my life and changes are on the way (more on this much later when things are firm). As part of this I am also examining my hobby life and deciding what are real projects that I am both excited by and likely to complete and which have rather failed at the pilot stage and need to be abandoned. One of these is the cygnar army.

I had some fun painting it, my thesis for the project was that the Privateer Press models weren't actually as bad as I thought and that the studio paint scheme did them no favours at all. I was right. I much prefer my darker, more realistic look and think that there is some decent sculpting work among their ranges hidden under fairly unflattering bright cartoony paint. However. The more I find out about the game; the less I care about it. Somehow, it just hasn't set my hobby-heart alight with glee. For this reason I have decided to sell what I have already painted and the couple of bits that I haven't gotten around to. Here is what is in the army:

Captain Alaistair Caine
Cyclone Heavy Warjack

Grenadier Light Warjack

Hunter Light Warjack

Unpainted Ironclad Heavy Warjack
10-Man Trencher unit

Unpainted 10-Man Long Gunner unit
Journeyman Warcaster

Previously unpublished Squire (just couldn't get decent photos! Looks great in real life)
The army weighs in at 47 points (I intended to add a Trencher Officer and Sniper) when the last two units are painted and comes complete with a KR multicase with plenty of space for expansion:

So, what am I asking for this painted 35 point army with unpainted expansion to near as damnit 50? Lets figure it out:

to buy the army unpainted:
Alaister Caine: £8.95
Cyclone: £23.75
Ironclad: £23.75
Hunter: £9.95
Trenchers: £36.95
Long Gunner Unit: £29.95
Journeyman Warcaster: £5.95
Squire: £5.95
KR Case: £24.99
Total unpainted: £180.14

Normally to have this painted would add £250. It represents a hell of a lot of time, the models are all weathered and lovingly based. I'm not going to ask that as I don't think that there will be a market for a £430 army. Instead I shall ask £220 in total. Yep:

Painted and based army in case:
£220 £150


I will consider lower offers but do consider the £180 starting price and the time involved in painting this. It would make an awesome pressie for the Warmachiner in your life even if you are not one yourself. Please bear in mind that the price to post this 1.4kg medium parcel in the uk is £11 (assuming the post office online calculator isn't lying again). So please include this in your calculations.

Please contact me through and payment could be made either by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal. I prefer bank transfer as it has no funds and doesn't require me to cash a cheque before I can post it or inflict PayPal's fees on people.

I hope the Cygnar folks can find a good home. I'll be eagerly awaiting an email from a happy adopter!



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    1. I'll level with ye fella. I just realised the more I got into it that Warmachine wasn't my game. So off it goes to a home that'll love it. :)