Friday 22 November 2013

UK Wargamers, you need to take notice of this:

Hi folks, quick public service announcement. If like me you order a lot of your paint online then the Not-Royal-Anymore Mail are about to make that a LOT more expensive:

They are intending to make sending more than four containers of water-based paint against their terms and conditions. They still allow a litre of alcohol on a box. But 125ml of water-based paint is somehow a dire threat to their operations.

There is a petition to stop this insanity please sign it, share it and ask the formerly-Royal Mail what the hell justification it has for this idiocy. Their parcel charge structure has already struck a gut punch to the small providers and producers. This? This has no basis even in logic.

On more real news, work is proceeding and my bulbs are en route. More shiny pictures very soon.


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