Thursday, 31 October 2013

You Want to Live Forever?!

Ahoy shipmates and a happy halloween (and a splendid Samhain to my more pagan friends!). Yep, I'm back and I brought a friend:

This Totally-not-Ibram-Gaunt-No-Siree-Bob model is a Brother Vinni Commissar. He's the first of a fairly big clutch of Imperial Guard characters that I am painting for a client as a command staff for his fairly huge Imperial Guard collection. The sculpting really isn't too bad, there's a tiny bit of wonkiness in the proportions of the hands and the face is a little "soft" but overall, not bad. Clearly Russian copyright law just laughs at external claims because he has this chap and a bunch of Fallout minis available (like mine). The paint job - for the most part - is fairly unremarkable, a mixture of grey and brown highlighted black (grey for the cloth, brown for the leather). My quick and dirty non metallic gold for the braid and the usual flesh. The cloak though...

When looking at the model I was initially intending to paint the cloak as anything other than camo as it would help dispel the "it really is Gaunt" thing. But the sculpt has a hood and is fairly ragged. It really is not a dress uniform type item. Definately functional. "Ah what the heck," thought I, "Gaunt won't be the only one with designs on not getting shot while stealthing." I did though want to do something a little bit different for it and I have been itching to have a go at the British armed forces new Multi-Terrain Pattern camouflage. It's too complicated to really have a chance at being painted well across a whole army (says the man who painted dozens of flecktarn wearing lads) but would contrast the dark uniform nicely. Karak Stone forms the base colour, then Val US Dark Green is applied in the wide stripes as the "2nd layer" of the pattern (spot the photoshop user). Next it is Val Beige Brown for the first layer of strange spindly shapes, Val German Camo Black Brown the next lot. Finally some dots and stripes of Val Deck Tan for the bright spots and a thinned wash of Agrax Earthshade to provide some shading.

So there you have it. For those wondering where I have been these past weeks, the answer is: Not Well At All. Nurgle visited me in a big way and left me with some serious frequent flyer miles at the doctors (five trips in two weeks is I think a record for me). I am now pretty much better but the time spent ill has really backed everything up so production will be spotty for another week (give or take a few days) but then I shall be back apace and racing to Christmas. Have fun with things going bump in the night one and all and until then.



  1. Craackin'. And he gives the client the chance to field Gaunt from the previous codex...

    Glad you're feeling better, just take it easy feller, no point in trashing your wrist again trying to catch up; it'll just put you even further behind.

  2. Great looking fig - love he camo and braiding.