Friday, 18 October 2013

Dwarfs! Ponies! Important information on Comments!

Hi folks, this has been the most bouncy of butterfly brained weeks. Haven't been able to lock on to one single project all week. Just ricocheting from one to another. It happens sometimes. I did though paint this guy:

This cheery chappy is Braelin "Barelip" Stormborne. He's being added to the growing clan of dwarfs rocking around in Hochland in the Beard Bunker's campaign. He's the Clan Stormborne's main point of merchantile contact with the humans and has gone a touch native in his style of dress and mannerisms. Of course, the same mannerisms that make him seem clownish and harmless to some make him ideal as his secondary purpose. Intelligence gathering on the humans...

This model is one of the older (much, much older) dwarfs in my collection. Sadly it kinda shows in places! The sculpting is a little clunky, the casting is a touch gritty but he just oozes character. I especially like the little brass weighing scales. When you are dealing with older models like this it is worth keeping in mind that you are just not going to get the same results as you would with a more modern casting. The texture will prevent the finish being completely smooth. Don't try to make a silk purse out of a sows ear, just do the best you can! In this case that included using a few glazes of very thinned Carroburg Crimson to make that outsized nose look like it belongs to a heavy drinker. Braelin likes a wee nip from minute to minute...

Hunkhi the pony carries the load for Braelin. He's one of the Lord of the Rings "Bill the Pony" models. I wanted the pony to be able to rank up with other dwarfs in regiments I couldn't have him on a 25mm wide cavalry base. Instead I glued two 20mm bases together and filled the gap. My (not at all) resident Beard Bunker pony expert (Emma) assures me that this chap is a haflinger or haflinger/welsh cobb cross. As is normal for animal work and me it's references, references, references. The lovely golden honey brown starts from a solid basecoat of Skragg Brown highlighted with Deathclaw Brown. With that though we need to stop talking fun stuff and talk law:

Edit: Good news, most of the paragraph below is invalidated if you are in the UK as our own government are passing laws to protect us from this nonsense.

Those of you who have posted comments in the last day or so might have noticed I've moved onto a pre-moderation system for comments. I'm afraid this is essential for those of us living in the EU, at least for now. A recent EU Supreme Court ruling (currently being appealed) is laying responsibility for actionable statements (defamatory or libelous for example) at the feet of the owner of the site. Even if they delete the comment afterwards. Not the author of the comment, oh no, the owner of the site it was published on. This is clearly ridiculous and I expect the appeal to succeed as the big boys like European versions of facebook and youtube may be affected too and will fight this. Until then, I am not being liable for some toerag who writes "GW eats babies" (allegedly) or something so pre-moderation it is. Grump.

Anyway, until next time folks.



  1. Just for your information - you are not a owner of your site. It belongs to Google IIRC;)

    1. ooh, interesting, so because my site is hosted by an American company despite it's author being British and therefore within the EU then Google would be held responsible for other's comments on a site they have no control over. That is, if Google were in the EU and thus under their auspices.

      Anyone spot the almost impossible to enforce rules?

  2. I look at every update that you post and I haven't commented until now. This little guy and his pony have so much character that I just had to make a little extra work for you. I love them both you have done both sculpts proud with exceptional paint jobs, especially on the baggage. Many people would slap some paint and a wash on the pony's burden and call it a day but you have made the individual pieces of stowage stand out, well done. As for the EU ruling, I agree with you 100% but I live in the USA so my support isn't through your legal system. Finally, everyone knows that GW eats money not babies. Feel free to edit this however you see fit and keep up the great work.