Saturday, 13 April 2013

On the Workbench - Converting an Ogryn and an entire subsector to play in!

Greetings from a decreasingly diseased Cardiff. I thought I would share some progress I've made recently on more Inq28 models. Unusually for me, this isn't the finished article, far from it...

The model you can see above is the result of patient build-up of layers over this week's lunchbreaks. You can't just sit down and sculpt a whole model, you've got to do a bit, leave it to dry, do the next bit. Otherwise you wind up destroying the work you've done earlier! On this chap I have so far (in no particular order):

  • Filled in the gutplate void
  • Sculpted the belt across the gut.
  • Reshaped the boots, added a toecap and tread on the exposed sole.
  • Filled in the undercuts on the torso to represent vest fabric stretched over the torso
  • Sculpted the neckline of the vest
  • Added a mohawk and a thin bandanna tied around the forehead.
And that took a week. Granted, I am very inexperianced so plenty of trial and error but good grief. You want to have total respect for someone's job and talents? Try doing it. I'm mostly using ProCreate putty and Liquid greenstuff. The finished article will have a multilaser once the arms I ordered arrive! I've also been doing some more normal conversion work in anticipation of the next model in the warband:

This is an autogun with integral grenade launcher. Fairly easy job featuring parts from a boltgun, an old autopistol (the end of which I've just noticed needs straightening, grr) and a piece of plastic tube to be the barrel of the grenade launcher. I planned this one out before I started using some photoshop jiggery pokery:

Ended up a little different but it meant I knew that the overall effect was going to work. To make it, I first removed the bevelled lower edge of the lasgun forward of the magazine. I flattened one surface of the pipe and glued it into position leaving enough room for the grip of the boltgun. The magazine of the boltgun replaced the lasgun power cell and the autopistol muzzle replaced the lasgun. I wound up removing the bayonet lug on the front of the lasgun to make room for the grenade launcher barrel - a small section of the same plastic tubing. Finally I carved a little cartridge ejection port above the magazine release (you can just see it in the top picture). Doing a mock up like this is easy and really gives you a direction to follow!

Are people interested in this kind of thing? Seeing the early work before the finished article appears? I can do more posts like this if there is interest. Let me know in the comments. Now I teased you in the subject bar with an entire subsector to play in?

Well, I wasn't kidding. Over on the Beard Bunker site I have presented the basics for the campaign setting that we will be running Inq28 in. The Cetus subsector. Go on over there and check it out! I'm properly happy with how it turned out. Believe me when I say you'll see more of this! Until next time folks



  1. Excellent work on the Ogryn. I'm really liking your autogun. Also, that map is a real beauty: I'd love to see more posts like this :)

  2. Awesome map! What program did you knock it up in?

    1. It is a Photoshop CS3 creation, I use it pretty much daily for photo processing and doing things like this and the "titan in situ" photos allows me to expand what I can do with it.

      I believe there are a bundle of free ones out there (GIMP for example) and even CS2 might still be available free from Adobe!