Friday, 19 April 2013

More Emperor's Children Land Speeders

Greetings folks and it is a farewell to something. A farewell to Slaaneshii TwiddlyBits, the project is done and so are they. Au Revoir TwiddlyBits, it's been fun.

These two form a wing of three speeders when combined with the other tornado from the last post. For the longest time I wasn't sure about heavy flamers on speeders from a practical standpoint, I figured that firing into the wind wasn't a great idea. While painting these though I got to thinking (this tends to happen when I am doing more mechanical processes like edge highlighting, try it, really helps to get inside the designers heads sometimes). The flamers are on turrets, they can be rotated down and around. Now think of this, land speeders are kind of like helicopters, fairly high speed, low altitude and fond of strafing. So you're an infantryman in cover, you think you are safe, then three of these things zoom overhead dumping burning fuel as they pass. Urgh, doesn't bear thinking about. I am no longer at all bothered about the practicalities! The combo of heavy flamer for anti-infantry and the multimeltas for anti-tank is a handy one in theory.

I'm not going to go into huge details on the painting, I went over that in the last entry on these lads. What I will mention is the lack of too much weathering. The tanks get plenty of dust and dirt but the aircraft do not. The reason for this is that it is way too easy to overdo aircraft weathering. Planes and the like are twitchy things and don't work so well if the parts get fouled with muck. I have seen dusty, dirty aircraft but it is a thin skim that gets cleaned fast. I've seen models recently that look like they would crash more than fly. A bit of chipping and dinging is fine, but go easy on the dirt.

I fear Mulder is about to be disapointed.

Next week I am off on holiday, Mrs PVP really needs a rest from work so we're going off with friends to spend a week near a pool. Relaxation for the win. I've got a couple of posts queued so I'm leaving Mulder behind to throw the switches and post them on time. Hopefully they'll go up as planned and I'll see all you lovely people a week on monday. Have fun folks.


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  1. Enjoy the time away.. will be doing something similar fairly soon as well! nice work on the speeders as well!