Thursday, 11 April 2013

Chaotic Land Speeders (yes really!)

Greetings one and all from the house of Nurgle. Yup, the grandfather is currently visiting me and is doing his best to lay me low with his little bacterial helpers. I have prevailed though and actually got some work done today. Hurrah! That work is in the form of a pair of Chaos Space Marine Land Speeders:

I've always been a little confused as to the complete lack of land speeders in the Chaos armies. They were around in the Heresy and indeed anti-grav was more prevelant in the Heresy. So why no Speeders? Can only assume it was to distance the Codicies and prevent them being nothing more than spikey loyalists. However, if you aren't a tournament gamer then your hobby belongs only to you! Do what you like! In this case, the client had assembled the four speeders on the workbench as a trio of tornados and a very nifty typhoon.

Small alterations give them a chaotic feel, the icon on the front and the marauder helmets being the example here. These speeders were initially painted in the same way as the Predators - preshaded and then painted purple through the airbrush.

The four typhoon launchers make for a really nice "X-wing"-esque configuration. The only thing I would plead with any future commissioning clients (and indeed anyone painting one of these) is to not glue the crew torso elements in. Assemble the models - arms, head torso - but do not glue them to the hips. It makes it all but impossible to paint the very visible instruments and really tough to paint the crew. I did my best with these.

I kept twiddlybits to a minimum on these as there are so many cut-in areas that if I applied twiddlybits everywhere it would be a mess. Instead, I kept it to shoulder pads, the tail and the flaps.

Apologies for reletively terse post but I am tired. Nurgle's minions are putting up a fight. Another pair of land speeders and the second trio of Predators still on the workbench so plenty more chaotic armour to come!



  1. I hear you about gluing the torsos in. I am a big fan of plastic cement because I hate repairing broken figs (paint chipping isn't so bad).

    I use a bit of blu-tack over the hip "bump" and inside the bottom of the torso so I can paint everything, then just pull off the blu-tack and glue.

  2. Ah, yeah. Sorry about that. They look great though.

    1. Don't worry about it, naff all anyone can do once they're on anyway! Still painted, just the detailer in me is looking at controls and going "they could be soooo pretty". I might have another go when I am less diseased and therefore more patient!