Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Warhammer Painting (FoPVP)

After posting the giant in the previous post I figured it would be only fair to include images of some of the armies that I have plundered banners from for his trousers...

This fellow is a Wissenland Captain painted by Maisey of the House of Beard, note how the red ties around the legs balance the swathe of red from the plume. An excellent use of spot colours, I might have repeated the process by painting the ribbon by the plume grey to pull the colour the other way but it still looks cool!

And from the loincloth (oh, and Maisey's paintbrush) is this horde of Bretonnian billmen, the striking mustard yellow and black works really well in a unit of this size with such prominant shields.

While we are looking at Maisey's Bretonnians, check out this sorceress, the rich blue against the pure white works really nicely with the aubern hair.

Moving around the giant to the - ahem - posterior we find a representation of Jen's Skaven force, Jen describes her army as a "banner delivery system" where the intricate banners distract from the batch painted unit. That having been said this is Jen's batch painting so they are still lovely!

We've seen it before but this banner of Charlie's army finishes the tributes/trophies/trousers. I strongly urge anyone who has regular opponants to include trophies from their armies. It binds the two together thematically and creates more of a story to the battles. Once while I was working at GW Peterborough, Alun (my collegue at the time) and I painted a whole Warmaster undead army in yellow and purple (the colours of our boss's Empire army) just to mess with him. Worth it! Until next time


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