Monday, 7 November 2011

Empire feature (FoPVP)

Greetings all, as I am currently on holiday I thought I would treat you all to another instalment from the files of Friends of Pirate Viking Painting. This time it is the turn of a beautiful Empire army from the talented brush of Charlie Brassley.

Charlie's army is a sort of coalition force of various provinces, these Halbardiers are from Salzenmund and are called the "Chancers" hence the predominance of gambling images on their banner and their champion's shield.

One of the things that characterises Charlies painting is the lovely banners and freehand details that cover his armies. This is largely because Charlie is a "real" artist at the same time as being a figure painter so brings that skill at 2D painting to our 3D world.

The chap above is Salzenmund's Captain Rainer to give a closer look at the colour scheme.

These Greatswords are from the Middenland contingent and have the city of the white wolf emblazened on their banner. The converted Vostroyan standard bearer is the army standard.

Again from Middenland these knights are followers of Myrmidia and bear her image proudly upon their banner. The unit also contains the army general whose handsome visage is shown in the next two images:

Charlie's army includes some wonderful character work, amongst the best of which (in my opinion) are his wizards:

The object source lighting against the dark Arabian skin is just wonderful. Charlie has a whole storyline for this army about crusading in Araby and returning with a few friends like the astronomer shown above. Notice how he kept the staff very muted so as not to draw attention from the central feature.

For a more "home-grown" wizard, this Light magister is another chance to enjoy Charlie's freehand work. I can tell you from experiance that Charlie spends a great deal of time on each of these projects but the effort is clearly worth it.

Finally we have a warrior priest to round out this feature. Note the lovely scroll work and the simple yet effective additional freehand decoration on the shield itself. That is all from this episode of Friends of Pirate Viking Painting. I'm back from holiday on wednesday and normal service will resume. Until then, I leave you with the sunset from the top of the Great Orme in Llandudno.


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  1. Charlie (And Jen) have got skill in painting i can only describe as "Freeking Astornomical", every time i go round i am dumbstruck by the things in those cabinets and i always learn something new from Charlie just by talking over our game whilst He dismembers my Vampires or i dismember his Orks!!! Fantastic work from a Fantastic Painter!!!!