Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cygnar reinforcements stride in

My Cygnar force continues to gradually grow, today we add a new solo in the form of a Jouneyman Warcaster and another warjack with the 'jack hunting Hunter Light Warjack.

The Journeyman Warcaster is an apprentice warcaster who is learning the art of controlling the mighty warjacks on the field of battle. I deliberately painted her to look young and wide eyed. She shouldn't be a grizzled veteran just a scared kid. Sadly I was painting her at the time I started to loose some fine control in the wrist so I am going to have to go back and fix the eyes at some point.

I used the same colour palette as on Captain Cain as the combination of Vallejo English Uniform and dark brown leather along with the blue is fast becoming the army colour scheme.

The Hunter is designed to attack rival warjacks. I went for the same "furnace glow" look for the faceplate as with my other warjacks. The cygnar swan symbol on the carapace was obviously freehanded on to the figure. All the other jacks have one so I think I'll have to make sure all of them do. I kinda messed up the dimensions but that turned out to be a happy accident, extending the tail onto the helm made for a nice effect and makes it slightly different to the other warjacks.

Once again I frehanded on woodgrain to make the pressure vessel into a wooden barrel. Just underscores the transition period of the steampunk world war one that I am going for. The pressure gauges were also freehanded in.

I'm quite happy with how the axe came out. On the studio paint job it looks a tad ridiculous and I initially thought I would have to remove it and replace with a better weapon. On getting the model in my hot little hands I realised that it was simply the bright shiny steel of the studio that had made it look rubbish. Painted in a nice dark metal tone with pin washes of Vermin Brown to give it a lightly rusted feel it seems heavy and dangerous. Given that the weapon is for cleaving armour it is a decent design, the power of the swing will be focussed on a tiny area.

With the Hunter painted I am getting close to my first goal of a 50 point army. Trying to decide between another warjack (the Ironclad) or the unit of Long Gunners next. It is probably going to be the Gunners as they are the next "big" job (as Warmachine goes, just wait for the first Night Goblin update to see a BIG job). Anyhow, that will be later in the week so...


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