Friday, 17 July 2015

Eisenkern Command

Hi folks! Remember these chaps? Well, we're back with some more, this time from the command box set:

I'm just going to come straight out and say this, these fellas just do not photograph well. The combination of the always difficult to shoot adjacent blacks combined with the gloss annihilating shading and highlighting means that they look waaaaaay better in the flesh. But ho hum! This is what we got so just engage imagination and press on. These were made with Dreamforge's Eisenkern command set and were then modified to have GW weapons to make them more Imperial Guard. I will say, I was a little disappointed with the options included. The set really only allows you to make exactly what is on the box. No real opportunities to play with the configuration. They're mix and match though so if you have other Eisenkern sets they cross-mojinate. In this case mercifully we had some spare arms so the special weapon squad could work.

Speaking of the special weapon squad. My client thought there were only five models in the box so the extra unit was a pleasant surprise. We decided that they would work well as a small squad of special weapon wielding dudes and that a "breach and clear" affair could be fun. Two meltaguns to crack open that tank/bunker/starship airlock and three flamers to hose the resulting breach. Nasty. As with the last squads of these, painting is fairly straightforward, the brief was "Tie Fighter Pilot" so shiny black the order of the day. To separate areas of the model, the undersuit is Ammo Rubber and Tires, the armour German Grey and then everything got washed black. The armour got another glaze of black before highlighting with the Grey and the gloss.

The command squad itself includes a nice long range comms/scanner thing with a nice little laptop. Strapping a medical auspex and a bunch of pouches to one of the Eisenkern and combining it with a white medic helmet made a decent field doctor. The flag comes with the kit and as with all these CAD-made less-than-a-millimeter-thick-details is a bear to paint cleanly. Seriously guys, we need either more height or a wider detail. Finally, the officer is just the standard Eisenkern with a chaos plasma pistol. If you ever want a nice baroque plasma pistol, go chaos, they've got lots of lovely exposed wiring. Makes it look dangerous.

And that's all folks, short one today with not being able to see lots of cool detail. More next week!


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