Friday, 10 July 2015

Aren't you a little short for a Huntsman?

Greetings one and all, in a sharp left turn from all the aeroplane themed posts of late; I thought I would go for very, very footslogging fantasy dudes. Short ones to be precise:

These are a selection of Halflings from various eras of Citadel variants. They are masquerading as Huntsmen for my Averland army. With The Moot being practically in Averland it helps the theme of the army to use these instead of the human archers.

Given that most of them are... kinda gormless looking, I figure them for being the easily led and persuaded sorts that might join a northbound expedition. They're also dim enough to not notice that they've mostly been given cast off children's dress-up uniforms, hence the ill-fitting garb. Irritatingly the close ups really don't look all that great, largely because these fellas are only 20mm tall. Suffice to say, they look more convincing in the flesh!

Painting wise, they are mostly the PVP Codified Averlander Scheme with occasional splashes of green to bust up the uniformity and linen shirts on any that have them. Deck Tan is the best colour I've found for this.

Love the fearless leader, clad in armour and with a chicken leg from the supply halfling (the one eating the supplies, he has more in a bag). It has a cartoonish charm. I'm rather taken with these yokels-playing-at-soldiers:

...Not least because of all the fun wee details hidden around the back of the figures. Pots, pans, tankards marked "mine", the whole nine yards. Bundles of fun. Now, I need to address a quick elephant in the room, you may notice that these fellas are based on square bases and in a custom built skirmish movement tray. None of which fits the "new warhammer" of Age of Sigmar. Well, I'm not moving on from 8th edition. I don't really want to rake over the coals of the many, many problems with AoS. If you are curious you can see my views and those of my gaming group over on the Beard Bunker. Here, I'll just say, if you're into warhammer 8th edition, you will find lots to please you. If it is Age of Sigmar (and why not? Each to their own)? Not so much. Anyway, that's all for today, more Averlanders soon!



  1. I have a soft spot for Halflings/Hobbits, & this unit is wonderful - your painting has really brought out their character.

    1. Ta! Yeah, I love 'em too. Now debating whether I should do a small melee unit to go with them. But that way madness lies.

  2. See if you can get any of the "Lumpin croops" Halfling mercenaries. One has a dart board as a shield. Another reason the whole Dogs of War range rocked. I should know, I have like 6000pts of them ;/

    1. Dayumn, that is a lot of DoW! Loved the dartboard, have to keep an eye out on ebay :)