Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It's what I do that defines me...

Music maestro! Yep, it's the cowled crusader, the dark knight, the world's greatest detective (never been too sure of that one), he is, in fact:

The God-damned Batman
Greetings folks. It's been a while hasn't it? A combination of an injury from a long LRP-ing weekend (sword hit on the very point of the radius where it joins the wrist. Caused a massive egg that turned near enough my forearm into one giant bruise) that slowed me down and some unexpectedly fiddly models meant that nothing had been finished in almost ten days. Frustrated at the slow progress I cast my eyes across the waiting-for-paint shelf of assembled models for something quick and easy, what can be quicker than batman thought I?

I was right. Iron Man is no longer my fastest character model. Batman is. This was, wait for it, 90 minutes of painting. Because there really is nothing to paint! Once the cloak is German Grey and highlighted a couple of times and the bodysuit is the (brilliant new paint for PVP) Ammo's "Rubber and Tires" and that's highlighted then there is only a couple of washes and 95% of the model is done! The belt is an odd colour in the film (I'm using The Dark Knight model so used the film as reference) so a 1:1:1 mix of Runelord Brass, Sycorax Bronze and AP Shining Silver was shaded/glazed with Seraphim Sepia. Paint the face and you are done!

I've mentioned before that Knight Models are scaled a smidge larger than 28mm (they say 30-odd) and here is Batman with a protest goblin to prove it. Knight now have a generous five Batmen to choose from, but for my money the Dark Knight variant wins on both sculpting and overall badassness (totally a word). The only thing I didn't like was the random floating corner of building they had Bats standing on. If it had covered the whole base that would have been fine, but it doesn't, so you've either got to sculpt some more or be left with random masonry. I ditched the included scenic part and replaced it with a pile of Secret Weapon bricks and rubble. Much better.

Batman is one of those heroes for me. Not a real super-powered chap like the Hulk or Superman but instead just a man whose implacable will, resources and training make him a super-hero. Much in the same mould as Iron Man. I much prefer these heroes and I think it is why they resonate so strongly (just think how many screen adaptations of Batman there have been). Everyone can imagine being strong and trained and having that drive not to quit. Harder to imagine being granted magic powers by a yellow sun...

That's all for me for today. Unexpectedly fiddly figures finished soon! Pics to come.

TTFN (I'm Batman)

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