Saturday, 3 May 2014

Inq28 - Elysian Commandos

Hi folks, me again, guess what! More Inq28 stuff! This time a squad of guard veterans, Forgeworld Elysian commandos with some replacement female (mostly) heads. Not sure from where, if anyone can let me know?

The conversion of the heads to the forgeworld torsos was fairly straightforward, you do need to cut the necks at quite an angle to fit the collars but they go nicely enough. I hadn't worked with Elysian's before and they're quite nice. I've liked the aesthetic for a while and the models in hand didn't disappoint. Had a few problems getting the arms to match up but that is fairly easily solved with some savage amputations and covering the gaps with greenstuff and the very handy shoulder armour plates which cover a number of sins!

I'd painted a lot of urban cammo'd types recently but these didn't feel like they warranted it. They're commandos, not urban pacification types. If for no other reason than to include some variety I figured I'd switch it up this time. Along with the models the client had sent a sheet of Warlord Games Bolt Action Royal Marine transfers, he wanted me to use the emblems on the girls somewhere. The only place with any space turned out to be the shoulder pads in the end but the transfers sparked an idea for the colours. Val English Uniform is the uniform colour for WW2 Tommys, commandos included and this formed a nice base for the uniform, highlighted with the addition of a bit of Val Deck Tan and shaded with Agrax Earthshade. The leather I chose to be more tan than my usual and so used Val Flat Earth shaded at the same time as the uniforms. Val Cam Olive green armour matched the colour of the WW2 british helmets and gave them a nice overall feel. The RM insignias are tough to see on the photos but are in the centre of each pad.

The heads were a mixed bag, some of them very nice, most with part shaved hair though a couple of them looking more like radiation sickness than "tough-girl" affectation. They changed up the look of the unit nicely though. A little less clean cut than the normal helmeted Elysians.

Well, with that I'm done for today. Fairly straightforward painting leads to fairly short post!


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