Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sister of Biggles

Eyup folks! A quickee update today showing off a rather lovely miniature:

I'm pretty sure this is a Bombshell miniatures "Betty". She's part of the Leviathan command staff commission, I reckon she's either the naval officer's pilot or she's commander of the local air wing. "Betty" was one of those models that just loved to be painted! She looks tons better in the flesh than she does in the photos. I must find ways to improve my photography, constantly frustrated by the results!

Something to note on this model, I'm making much greater use of inks at the moment for toning and warmth. Mixed with a bit of Lamian Medium you get something that flows like a wash but keeps the really translucent quality of inks. The leather, for example, was painted Val Leather Brown, washed with Agrax Earthshade for the shadows, highlighted and then glazed with brown ink. The result? A delightful warm toned mid brown perfect for a sheepskin bomber jacket.

Likewise her hair, I went with red as brunette or blonde would be lost amidst the leather, khaki and fleece. Black somehow didn't fit. I keep playing with various red tones for hair and I think I've hit upon a good one here. A good clean coat of Deathclaw Brown is glazed with a heavy coat of chestnut ink (again mixed with Lamian Medium). This shades and tones the hair in one movement. Lovely.

Anyway, a quickee today. I only had a half day available so bashing out a 4-hour character seemed the best option! Until next time.


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