Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Eldar Ruining Picnics

Hi folks! Today we have pretty pictures of wasps for you. No not the stripy insects composed of sting, wing and a hatred of all living things. No, not White Anglo-Saxon Protestants either. No, these are Eldar Corsair Wasp Assault Walkers:

with all the clear componants, cutting them from the background was a NIGHTMARE, cue retro white!
Even normal Eldar walkers make their Imperial cousins look lumpen and clumsy. These things though are another level again. They've got jump packs. Yup, those nozzles you can see beneath them are essentially the same design as on the corsair squads. The models come with large resin flying stands to allow you to model them in full motion so I took advantage!

By playing with heights and angles I was able to get (left to right) coming in to land; leaping into the air; taking long jump assisted bounding strides. Incidently, those canopies should be standard for the war walkers. They look awesome and make so much more sense than just hanging out with a "kill me" sign on your face.

As with most long running projects I am starting to run out of things to say about the painting. I've been over most of the themes in previous corsair posts so I'll leave it to you to cruise around them at your leisure. Will be a coin toss whether it's infantry or vehicles tomorrow for the Corsairs but as it is the dreaded MOT day it's debatable how much I'll get done. Fingers crossed that Bertha the Big Blue Battlewagon (my venerable diesel Scenic) passes with not too many more nails needing to be banged in!


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