Friday, 2 August 2013

RPG Elf Adventurer

Greetings one and all! Slight change of pace today:

This lovely lady is the Privateer Press Lady Aiyana model. I painted her as a commission for an RPG character. The brief was white and light blues, black hair and gold accents. I quite like the sculpt, nice to have a character in a pose other than mid combat sometimes. Couple of things to note though, there is a weird sculpt of the right leg, seems to be sculpted as fabric under the stockings. No reason I can think of of this so went with painting it skin coloured. The texture of the model is also surprisingly rough. I was using very thin layers of paint and the camera has picked up the strange, almost gritty cast texture. I'd recommend sanding the larger areas of privateer press stuff if this is a consistant problem.

The banded layers of the dress suggested a graduated scheme to me. Starting with the edge paint Blue Horror, I added increasing amounts of Caledor Sky to the mix moving down the skirt. Pale leather and gold provide a nice contrast to the blue as does the black hair with the white cloak. You can hardly see them, but I decided to paint the tiny, tiny gemstones as amber to further contrast the blue.

There's another of these RPG adventurers in the queue but the focus is definately shifting to pointy ears of another time. The Eldar Corsairs are next on my table...



  1. Shame about the texture, I really quite liked the sculpt - nice work on the face there, as well !

  2. Best painted version of this girl I've seen to date. Really like the colour choices and like Zzzzzz, love that face. Think I'll have to get this fig and try painting her myself some day.