Friday, 23 August 2013

Night Gobbo hordes, now in pairs...

Hi folks, remember these lads? Well, they're back and they brought friends, another fifty of them...

These are the Blood Moon Bruisers, the second horde of Night Goblins for my army. There will be a third, for my part I feel that units of this size are the natural strength that gobbos should be fielded in. They should feel like hordes anyway, it's just nice that the rules now reward this kind of deployment. The painting method is no different to the original unit (follow the link above) just with the new paints. Happily, with night goblins the black clothing is the unifying factor across the army so you can rather radically change the spot colours between the units. The third mob will be bone moons, so yellow, red and bone. This means the 2.5k workometer is getting verrry close to done!

Of course, this being me I can't just leave it there. Oh no. So here is the almost inevitable 3k list. I've got the models - except the trolls - already so it just needed a little more work :)

One of the units in this lot is the Doom Diver Catapult. I didn't have one to hand and while I rather like the current model but, it is a lot of money for what it is... and they aren't Night Goblins. To most people this wouldn't matter but I'm a theme obsessive. So, with my army based in Hochland and wanting it to be Night Gobbo and forest gobbo all the way I created... this:

Yup, it's a Doom Diver Clown Cannon! A looted mortar plus blind optimism creates a kamikazi goblin delivery system. I've got a couple of the classic doom diver models from the land of eBay and converted up a couple of crew.

The parts are just balanced together to make for easy-paint sub-assemblies. The crew are converted with empire cannon/mortar parts.

With this fella I also added the mushroom-plugged jar from the fanatic sprue. I figure this has the fine ground powder for the touch-hole while the barrel is for the main powder. Dread to think how "goblin precision" plus black powder works out...

Obviously, painted pictures soon! Until then


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