Thursday, 18 July 2013

Triari Sinister Walks!

Another Legio Astorum Warhound Titan marches out of the forge fires of the Pirate Viking Painting mechanicus workshops:

This one is Triari Sinister, the third Legio Astorum commission I've completed. Kinda feel like I'm building the whole Titan Legion one by one ;) . Lets check out some glamour shots:

Unlike the previous titans, this was mostly blocked in with an airbrush, made getting a nice solid, smooth blue a breeze. The yellow is Minitaire "Craven" over white with shading provided by Casadora Yellow.

I like this configuration of Warhound, Vulcan Mega-Bolter to strip shields and a Turbo-laser Destructor to provide the killing blow to enemy engines. Works just as well on smaller things too! I'm getting the hang of the "energised plasma" look on the TLD's too. Essentially you mist on white over a black undercoat with an airbrush. Add lightning in white and then once nice and dry, glaze with a couple of heavy coats of green ink through the airbrush. Finish with varnish or water effects to create the armoured glass containment vessels.

The heraldry was once again drawn from the pages of Imperial Armour. Freehand flames for the forward carapace and airbrushed white discs as the foundation for the legio "black star" markings. You then add the radial lines of the starburst freehand in white - make sure you go for anything other than 8 points or it looks like secret chaos affiliation, mine are 12 - and then paint the black disc in to finish it off. If you look, I've added the mechanicus discs that come in the kit to the shoulder mounts. This is going to sound crazy, but... despite the fact that the three titan's I've painted are for two different clients, I wanted minor structural differences between the three.

I love the effect of the engine deck beneath the grill. Gives a nice realistic air to the model. Looks ace.

So now to crate this bad boy up and deliver him unto the waiting hold of the good starship Royal Mail. The lower incidence of content on the blog lately has been mostly because of the time huge figures take to complete so hopefully there should be a resurgance of nifty models on the blog soon!



  1. 3titans? You're mad! It looks great though mate, the client should be stoked

  2. Hi matey. This is amazing, I ask for those of using feedly etc if you could add a photo to the summary text sent to your RSS feed please?

    Depending on if you understand what I'm referring to or not, you can add the photo to summary section or if its automated, perhaps change the RSS feed settings to show all the content? Let me know if you need help with this.

    I ask because I nearly missed this post... I would have been upset if I did! :D friggen fabulous mate, keep up the great work!

    1. Ah, interesting, I can't find any way of setting that in blogger's settings. I currently have the feed set to "short" in order to prevent sites like Blood of Kittens reposting my entire site next to their own advertising (grr). That should post the first 400 characters and include photos in that section. Perhaps I should be using "until jump break" instead. Anyone more knowledgeable care to help me out?