Thursday, 25 July 2013

Death Korps again and nifty banners!

Greetings shipmates! I have more shinys for you, this time Death Korps flavour:

Long time readers will know this as an expansion of the previous Death Korps army I painted for the same client. This time around it is a mish mash of tank commanders, orphaned sergeants and other random "fill in" bits. Including the rather nifty command squad pictured above. One feature does rather leap out though right?

The client wanted the Empire army standard part used as it was so perfect for this rather grim army. I thought we could go a bit further though and made some modifications. The sigmar symbol on the shield was ground and sanded off, the hammer head removed and replaced with a Zombie scythe. I then removed the back of the scythe head, cut an aquilla in half, glued the halves together and attached them to theme the scythe. A flagellent's chain and a tank skull-quilla finished the effect. These small changes made the icon much, much more Imperial in tone rather than Empire. The "Death is Our Gift" legend is totally a Buffy the Vampire Slayer paraphrased quote btw.

The host of add-ons finish off this post, I've discussed the painting before on this blog but it is worth noting something about this batch. Despite the best efforts of the camera - khaki shades are evil to photograph - this batch is much more vibrant than the last. This is due to the change in paint shades. Citadel have done me a favour here. The militaristic colours from the Foundation range that I loved are still here, but a bit more saturated. Creates a much nicer effect. The models are much nicer in the "flesh" too, stupid camera ;)