Friday, 19 October 2012

We're back!

Greetings all, after just 18 days we are back! The move is complete (all over bar the unpacking) and the pirate's lair is once more assembled - picutres to follow no doubt. The only wrinkle is the lack of internet - damn you BT Openreach! - until the 12 of November but we do have a friend whose internet I am pirating (author MJ Bridger, check out his books). So, news over, model time!

I'm using this dour fella as a mystic for my Grey Knights Inquisitor retinue. He's actually one of my favourite figures, so much character and such a quintissentially 40k model. I needed the quick fix to reboot my painting muscles and discipline before launching in to client painting again on Monday.

The real part of this that I am happy with is the pale flesh. This is using the new Rakarth Flesh paint with a thin reikland fleshtone wash over the top and grey highlights. I also mixed a bit of blue in with the Rakarth Flesh and used it to simulate veins on the translucent flesh.

The little computer he's working on is such a nice touch, that and the dreadlocks of wires.

I kept the robe colours understated to fit in with the rest of the warband. Well, that's all for now, sorry for the quick update but my days are somewhat busy at the moment!



  1. Those veins are awesome - they really bring the model to life! Like it. May have to steal that idea when I paint my doddery old Warrior Priest.

  2. He looks great Jeff ! Good to hear you're back in the saddle/on the swivel chair.