Friday, 26 October 2012

A Deluge of Devilish Daemonettes

Hi folks, we're well and truly back up to speed here at PVP HQ as I've actually got client models rolling off the production lines. Today it is a squad of the old metal daemonettes, much as I like the new plastics, these old ones really had something extra:

Haven't got too many pictures as I haven't got my light box set up yet (where it is going is nothing but boxes) and the colour of these ladies is a swine to capture with the camera.

I wanted to try and get a classic feel to these daemons so I had a quick read of my realm of chaos books. Daemonettes come in all colours but tend toward the pale pastel. Their eyes are usually described as black and they tend to wear gold and pastel silks. Well, that seemed like a starting point! The skin is the majority of the model and turned out to be pleasantly easy to produce. Starting from Rakarth Flesh and gradually highlighting with added Pallid Wych Flesh gave me a nice pale fleshtone. A thin wash of Druchii Violet gave me the pale purple toning I was after. I then worked up the claws from this colour into bone as I wanted them to look like part of the flesh of the daemon rather than afterthoughts.

This poor lass had lost her right arm - either long ago, in transit, or - to my potential horror - in the move. I decided to replace it and give the unit a focal champion by sculpting a new arm to join a Dark Elf Cold One Knight champion sword I had knocking around. A paperclip armature pinning the hand to the shoulder was then covered in ProCreate and shaped. Still not completely convinced by my sculpting but it is improving gradually. The pastel silks they wear was a total experiment. A clean layer of white was achieved with a couple of layers of the glorious Ceramite White, once dry I just ran glazes over them. Pink, blue and yellow were the colours mentioned in the Realm of Chaos so I went with those three. Care has to be taken to avoid pooling as you want a clean finish but this is the fastest way I have found to paint these pastel shades. The different silks give them a varied feel without breaking unit cohesion.

Well, that's it for another post, there are some more daemonic delights to come along with the Chaos Marines that march alongside them. Until then,


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