Monday, 9 April 2012

New Service! Pirate Viking Photo Processing!

Announcing a new service from Pirate Viking Painting!
Miniature Photo Processing

Do your photos leave something to be desired? Dull, difficult to see details? 
Not showing off your colours correctly? We can fix all of that.

We can correct the white balance, remove any tint from the lamps you've used to correct the colour settings. We can even supply a background to show off your models to best effect.

We can even do mad stuff like this! If you have a background that you want to use then we'll use that, if not, pick one from below or heck, just go for basic white backgrounds.

Obviously we cannot perform miracles, we ask that you shoot your models against a white background (a regular piece of paper is fine) and use a couple of lamps to try to avoid shadows.

So if you are entering one of the increasing number of online painting competitions give yourself the very best chance possible, let us fix your photographs and show what you are truly capable of. 

We charge just £5 for 3 photos with another £1 for each additional image you want us to process. 
Special requests like merging into custom backgrounds are by arrangement.

Of course, there is another option, if you like we will photograph your creations in our studio. Simply arrange postage and we will work for you as your own personal photographer for £10 an hour. Email us if you are interested in this option.

We believe that everyone should be able to showcase their pride and joy just as they painted them.

Contact us today!

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