Friday, 23 March 2012

Black Cat Bases pt 1

Recently I have been doing some work for Black Cat Bases as a sort of studio painter, the first fruits of my labours should be turning up on their site soon but I thought I would give you a sneaky preview:

Bamboo Floor
Cobblestone Street
Grid Floor
Roads and Pavements
Victorian Street

Now normally I would be taking you through all of the steps I used to create these effects but that is part of the job that I have done for Black Cat. Every base and every variant has a detailed step-by-step tutorial and they should be going up on their site soon. I'll be working through the other bases in their range over the next few months and then moving on to their model range too! Check out their site and I'll let you know when the tutorials go up. Till next time:

Mulder has kitty to play with


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