Monday, 12 December 2011

Space Marine Smörgåsbord (FoPVP)

Presenting for your delification and delight a selection of Space Marines all painted by the House of Beard.

First for consideration is this marvelous Njal Stormcaller by Jen Truby. There are very few ways that I can enrich this with words so just gaze and enjoy!

I rarely have the guts to go that high contrast on furs but I might have to. Looks great.

Its hard for me to decide which I like best, the Marine face or the wolf. The extra mile edge highlighting on the staff really makes those runes pop too.

Next is a Space Hulk terminator by Maisey. He really went the distance on creating contast between the areas of detail and painted a nice deep red that I clearly approve of!

Sticking with Maisey's work we'll take a look at some of his White Hand Space Marines

They are a nice simple, striking colour scheme and the weathering helps to break up the black nicely.

The chaplains of the White Hand are a direct reversal of their normal colour scheme to help them stand out against their black liveried bretheren.

Finishing off our Space Marine Smorgasbord we have a selection of Charlie's Templars Viridian. The first unit is this scout squad. Both Charlie and I rather dislike the odd sculpting of the scout faces. The Wayne Rooney chin is frankly ugly. We came up (independantly but it turns out at the same time) the idea of using Elysian Drop Troop heads to replace the ugly Rooney heads.

The Captain is an example of how a nice base can make an understated officer colour scheme stand out from the crowd. Often, over baroque commanders can stand out from their armies a little too much. This model shows a nice integrated officer that is unmistakable nonetheless. Sure, some people will be making comments about tournament rules or game effects or some such. Not me, put it this way, the words "but that will affect tournament play" have never, ever crossed my mind.


And to finish off, a unit of Sternguard veterans. Lots of modifications, bionics and battle damage. Welp, all for this update! More soon as I am finishing another unit of goblins and the Blood Knights.


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  1. That Njal looks really great. I partifularly like the fur. more specifically though the wolf head. Its nice to see the colour variation and tone that you'd reaslistically expect, but seems so difficult to achieve! well done! (that goes for all of you by the way!)