Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Comes the Inquisitor (FoPVP)

While painting progresses on a few super-secret christmas commissions, I've decided to share some more of the House of Beard's excellent output with you. For those who are unaware, the House of Beard is a loose conglomeration of like minded gamers including yours truly who operate out of a deeply geek themed house in Oxford. Today it is the turn of some of their Inquisition models:

The group above is the warband of Inquisitor Aerdon - the leader and GM character of the loooong running Inquisitor game at the House of Beard. Whilst the retinue models are nice and all I think we'll have a closer look at Aerdon himself first:

This is - in my opinion - one of the best models GW ever made and for some reason was a limited edition. Boggles the mind (incidently, if anyone has one and doesn't want it then I will gladly give it a good home and a loving paint job!). Charlie's simple but striking scheme lets the model do the talking without the need for screeds of freehand work. I know I keep harping on about this but look at the colour balance on the model. The green bandanna balances the green tunic and the bronze sections form diagonals across the model by using consistant metal sot colours. The neutral coat allows the green and bronze to stand out.

Backing up the Inquisitor are these Vostroyan Storm Troopers. Gotta love the archaic lasguns and the mad impractical bearskin shakos. Very 40k.

In case more backup is required then we have a Templars Viridian Space Marine seconded to Inquisitional service. Those readers familiar with the 54mm Inquisitor miniature range may find this fellow familiar. There's a reason for that:

He is a small version of his larger brother! This isn't me mucking about with scale, the marine at the back really is that huge. The 54mm scale Brother Artemis is a nice challenge if anyone ever fancies pushing their painting and is a lovely display piece.

To finish off today we have a shot of our 54mm scale marine under his helmet. The model has been assembled with long pins in the neck socket allowing them to change out the head for the helmet when needed.

Well, that's all folks, hope you are all having a pleasant December, until next time.


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