Thursday, 11 November 2010

Jumping on a Motivation Bandwagon

Hi folks!

An idea that has popped up that I really like is the 8th Edition Challenge:

The premise is that a group of people all pledge to create a new Warhammer army especially designed for the eighth edition. The support of the group keeps people going and provides advice. I had already decided to paint a High Elf army (Island of Blood has inspired me more than a little!). A few people of my acquaintance are having problems with motivation so I thought I would throw open invitations to any and all readers to join me in our 8th Edition Challenge. Essentially I am going to do a monthly update on my High Elf progress (above and beyond any how-to painting articles I might throw in!). I invite anyone who wants to get involved and doesn't necessarily have a blog of their own to post in the comments of these posts to join in!

So without further ado. Here is my plan, start off with a 2000 point army:

And gradually expand to the 3500 point monster you see below (btw: if anyone wants this Excel sheet just drop me an email, it autocalculates percentages):

As you can see, the army is built rather heavily around the Island of Blood figures as I just cannot stand the spearmen. I am sure they have redeeming features but their flaws just leap, screaming into my eyes. Instead I am using the glorious Sea Guard fairly heavily, especially with the inspired descision to release an upgrade sprue. The 3500 point army just includes everything I wanted to paint made into a coherent army. You don't have to do a big army like this. Just commit to doing SOMETHING. Resurrect an old army from the "get around to it" box, paint something you've always wanted to, just go for it. Post your lists in the comments and get painting! I'm going to try for about 20 models a month. Cavalry count for 2 models, characters count as 5, monsters/chariots/warmachines also as 5. (So the lord on griffon counts as 10 models, this is an insight into my pricing policy too folks!) This is a representation of the effort required for each model type.

Later today the Emperor's Children commission that I've been working on will be complete, photographed and blogged so watch this space!



  1. nice idea (sadly due to move i am too poor at the moment) but would love that excel sheet, you have my email i think. Cheers buddy!

  2. fire off an email to the "contact the pirate viking" above would you? Since the irksome theft of laptop back in may and a subsequent virus I have lost much!