Thursday, 11 November 2010

Emperor's Children the Second

As promised, here are the second - and final - batch of the Emperor's Children commission. I don't mind admitting that I found these hard. They really do not look good until they are finished and it is hard to keep the faith through the batch. But, finished they are and finding things tough is why people pay me money so here they are!

Now, I went through the process for painting these in the previous article, so I shan't belabour the point. Instead I shall talk about the things that are different:

Again I went with different patterns on each to create a chaotic effect but retaining a uniform appearance. The checks above have the unintended effect of showing some details about how I paint them! The harsh light from the camera actually penetrated the corrections! I usually start by painting a grid of black lines to form the squares. The hard part is keeping them regular and curving them over surfaces naturally. Then fill in alternate squares. It is almost impossible to make no mistakes so you then go over any squares that were the wrong size, shape or just untidy and cut in with the original colour. This is a hell of a lot easier if you are using white rather than a five stage pink but ho hum.

This cheery fellow is my favourite of the whole batch. He has replaced great swathes of skull and throat with mechanical apparatus to better sing Slaanesh's praises. This is one of the most disturbing aspects of Chaos for me. That people would willingly subject themselves to this sort of mutilation in praise of their evil deities. Shudder. I decided that a dead, bloodless pallor would be appropriate for the skin as it has been reflected back from the skull and replaced with all kinds of horrible stuff. I imagine a lot of blood vessels went too. The pallor starts from Tallarn Flesh with a Devlan Mud wash. I use Devlan on dead flesh and skins because it lacks that ruddy vitality of Ogryn Flesh. I then built up the highlights with increasing amounts of Fortress Grey added in to the Tallarn Flesh with a final dot of white for the finished highlights.

The runic designs are cribbed from a variety of chaos sources and some occult widgey-whoo (technical term that). It felt right for this guy to have devotional scriptures on him!. Once I had finished him he looked a bit too sterile and servitor-like with the pallor of the skin and the mechanical insertions. It needed a touch of horror to make it chaos-ey. Cue the addition of blood to the gaps and openings. It now appears that using the device splits all of the surgeries and adds agony to the praises to his god. [Ok now Jeff, your brain might be scaring the normal people, wrap it up]

So, another commission down and the fun of a whole commissioned army of Death Korps of Krieg ahead! Hurrah! I will be breaking up the DKK with other commissioned work and my own stuff so I don't go totally crazy but Imperial Guard will be the focus for a while!


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