Saturday, 7 August 2010

Slaaneshi Soul Grinder

While visiting friends this week I found one of my earliest commissions still in their collection! The Soul Grinder of Slaanesh was created to be used in a game of Inquisitor (yup, if you want your players terrified for their character's lives then this is a good way to go!). The brief was for very pallid flesh and a real appearance of fused flesh and machinery. The Slaaneshi colouring was to tie the daemon engine in to the main bad guy of the campaign.

The skin was painted in the same way as the Berserkers from the previous post. Instead of stopping at a fleshy colour I continued to highlight up through bleached bone to almost white at some points.

All of the flesh to metal interfaces were painted with the blood mix from the Berserkers and then glazed in with a mix of brown ink and gloss varnish to simulate oily fluids. This is one of the tips from the Forgeworld Masterclass book and I really, really cannot recommend this enough.

The sword is painted with the rusting technique discussed in the Ork trukk article. The only change is the addition of the sharp scratches along the edge to simulate a sharpened blade on that plank of a sword!

The purple sections were base coated in Liche Purple and highlighted by adding Bleached Bone to the Liche Purple. The lightning flashes were taken up higher with the addition of more Bleached Bone and white to the mix.The entire area was then glazed down with Leviathan Purple. The highest points were re-highlighted to add vibrancy.

So there he is! Should have the other Thousand Sons finished by the middle of next week with the Sorcerer getting some special attention (they are really lovely models) followed by the last five World Eaters as a bit of a treat, then who knows, I might even paint something for me if no other commission stuff has arrived ;).


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