Saturday, 8 October 2016

Flektarn Assault Unit

Hi folks, bit of a blast from the past today, the very last of the Flecktarn guardsmen for a long term client, and these guys are getting up close and personal.

Unlike most of the other Flecktarn lads (they have a real name but I've forgotten it, plus, I tend to identify by paint job) these chaps are toting shotguns and some additional armour here and there. As they are something of a hodgepodge of different parts it gives them that "veterans who have scavved gear here, there and everywhere" look. Finish it off with a sergeant toting a plasma pistol and chainsword and you've got a squad designed to work almost on top of the enemy.

I've talked about painting the flektarn camo before but it's worth mentioning again how nicely it turns out for a "simple" but laborious scheme. It's just layers of blobs and dots in four different shades given a brown wash for shading. It is true that it represents nine stages to do it, but none of those stages are terribly onerous. It just takes a lot of time.

The olive drab webbing and German grey armour plates/equipment take care of almost all the rest of the models. Any tiny details (the occasional cuff, the sergeant's stripes) got picked out in German fieldgrey to keep the theme rolling. With these, I believe the long running on-and-off project Flektarn is done and done. Been fun in a "just keep swimming" sort of way :)

More shinies soon.



  1. Awesome camo scheme on these, & that dark grey armour is lush. I really like the overall muted colour scheme. Great-looking unit!

  2. Will they be getting the wolf face and IG badge as well ?