Sunday, 11 September 2016

Alright, but dogs CAN look up!

There I was, looking through some really cases that I hadn't opened in quite some while (you know how it is) and found a model languishing in there that I had all but forgotten about.

Yep, it's Ed! Waaay back in - oh dear god, 2013 - I painted Hasslefree mini's "totally not Shaun of Shaun of the Dead" and I started his "totally not Ed" friend too. Then one thing or another happened and he got put in a case for transport/storage/some reason. The other day I found I found him and discovered that the mighty quantity of work required to finish him was... a spade, a hat and his shoes... WHY DID I NOT JUST FINISH IT AT THE TIME? Sheesh. So I took a half hour and finished him off.

I've finally realised what the pleasure I get at doing these Cathode Ray Conquerer type miniatures is. It's not an expectation of ever really using them, it's a kind of cosplay. I like trying to match the scheme from the movie (which is why the shape of the spade caused me pain ;) ). With Ed, he's mostly the beige T-shirt with "I've Got Wood" on it - expand the image, it's there - and some jean shorts. Quickest way to get sculpted trousers to look like blue jeans not just blue trousers? Add the orange stitching and raised seam. It's barely visible in photos but it gives the correct impression. You'll notice I'm not giving too many colour details on this... it was three years ago, gimme a break...

Details help with this sort of project. This Ed is less a single moment from the film but a bit of a montage of his character, the "bench" cap from the electro sequence (yeah, I tried the 90's Bench logo and then just left a suggestion of red), the mobile phone (added a suggestion of buttons and screen) and the spade. I used weathering pigments damped down with odourless turps to give bulk to the dirt. It's little things like all of that and the tiny red swooshes on his trainers that help finish a miniature cosplay project like this. Lots of fun, and now I have the dynamic duo for both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Cornetto?

So what's the oldest model you haven't finished hanging around? I don't mean abandoned projects, I mean something you actually want finished but for some reason is hanging around unloved. As you might have guessed from this post I am working on a slow assembly/conversion project at the moment (which is so shiny and indeed so chrome) so little breaks to finish old stuff is a nice treat. More shinies soon.



  1. Great painting (& great film!). Those bases are very nice too. I've painted this duo myself as well... but in 15mm-scale:

  2. Awesome.

    Nice stuff!

    You got red on you.

  3. I have a Space Wolf Wolf Priest that just need to have the backpack/power pack thing stuck on. Oh, and there is other 26 Space Wolves that just need me to finish the basing. One day I'll get a reason to finish those off.

  4. I also have a half painted Scrap Launcher for my Orge army that needs finishing. Thats the last model I was planning for that army.

  5. Oh, and 5 Dark Angel Veterans to finish up as well. Half the squad is done, so is their Land Raider. So would take much to get them polished off.