Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Pointy Ballistic Death!

"Bat Tree! On moi command.... TWANG! Wait fer it you orrible little Gobbo!"

Yes folks the little hand is once again pointing to goblin o'clock here at PVP! For too long I've been internally grumbling about how Rhagat's horde is all the huge but isn't quite killy enough. There wasn't enough specials. To that end I am putting aside my other projects for the moment and trying to finish off Da Bitter Moons before the GoblinKeen wears off again. Today's project? Three bolt throwers forming Da Pointy Stick Bat-Tree.

Those of you familiar with the old goblin bolt thrower might be scratching your heads a bit at what these models are. I shan't leave you in suspense. They're Warlord Games' Roman Scorpion battery with some modifications to make them more goblin-ified. This consisted of roughing up the woodwork to make it more rough-hewn than precision sawn; adding some roughed up black plasticard gork teef shields; and through a piece of bizarre scale creep, an old skeleton arrow from the tomb kings skeleton archer box which made a perfect ballista bolt. All 28mm scale allegedly. Go figure.

sorry for the filthy cutting mat backdrop but if your wargaming workhorse mat isn't filthy you aren't trying hard enough!
Speaking of figure... see what I did there? I needed some crew models. I'm doing my normal Bitter Moons thing and swapping common for night goblin crew. To this end I bought a box of night goblin troops and set about converting them. Most are simple enough swaps to be holding a big arrow or to be pulling a lever. But I wanted the bosses to be a bit different. So having made one with a flappy flag (just paper soaked in PVA) and one with a telescope (a shaved down space marine gun sight) I wanted something just a bit more... goblin for the last one. I thought, right, we've got the boss that identifies the targets... the boss who waves the flag to say "shoot"... we need a weather-gobbo watching the wind speed and direction. We need a goblin with a sock on a stick. So some ProCreate and an odd sculpting job later, one wind sock.

There really isn't much to talk about painting-wise, the gobbos are all painted the way the tutorial says. The bolt thrower is just lightly wood grained brown and some rusty metal and the basing is my usual goblin parched stony ground with little bushes as the bases are bigger than normal. So I'll leave it there. Oh, just one more thing, this is just the start of the goblin reinforcements. I've got a nice big unit of squigs (the deep road toads) and another couple of things I'm scratch building. What could I need a massive troll holding a rough hewn length of wood for I wonder?

This time, you're getting left in suspense. 


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  1. Ooh Goblins! They look brilliant, very characterful. The painting on the bolt throwers is especially impressive, & those bases are really nice.