Monday, 30 December 2013

Corsairs and Scorpion Lords

Ha! I wondered whether I would get these lads finished in 2013, and I did! Just... ;)

Today is the turn of the Guardians to have difficult-to-focus-or-colour-balance photos taken of them! Mostly, they are nigh on identical to the Dire Avengers and the Corsair Guardians. I think they'll all hang together quite nicely on the table. Of greater interest is the grav platform:

I did a tiny bit of head scratching on the grav-platform. I wanted the thing to hang with the army but not just be uniformly grey. After a few minutes it occured to me what I was looking at. A teeny, tiny corsair vehicle. With this notion I treated it exactly the same as all the other Corsair Grav Tanks. Even down to the hex panels. It seemed to work rather nicely.

Our final offering today - indeed for 2013 - is this Chapterhouse Striking Scorpion Phoenix Lord. This is one of the better Chapterhouse models, the pose is nifty. Of course that isn't saying much, not much facial definition, legs different sizes and irregular sculpting (lines are different thicknesses along their length for example). However, enough carping. We replaced the original chapterhouse weapon with the citadel striking scorpion exarch weapon. Much better, check out the original and see what I mean:

Fortunately the citadel one fit fairly well. I needed to resculpt a bicep and fill in a shoulder blade but mostly fine. The pose works very well with the weapon. Looks like she's crouching behind a barricade ready to spring up and decapitate some unsuspecting human. Painting wise, I was left with very few choices to make. The grey armour was taking care of itself. The red hands needed some balancing with the ridges on the shoulders - as the model lacks a helmet and thus lacks a red faceplate. Just like the Prince Yriel model I decided to use the Wraithbone basecoat (Zandri Dust and Skull White mix) for the hair. All in all, straightforward! Although I did need to put some effort into defining the facial features. Would have been a bit flat featured otherwise.

And with that, 2013 is done! I'll be doing a new year post in couple of days but until then, I want to wish all of our readers a happy, enjoyable and safe New Year's Eve. See you in 2014!


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