Friday, 14 June 2013

Workbench: Warhound 3!

Hi folks, its been a little quiet here lately which usually means that I've started something large and time consuming and this week is no exception...

Yup, I'm painting another warhound! The client saw Pyladii Alpha and Beta and wanted one of his very own. Its going to be another from the Legio Astorum too (Triarii Sinister) so I've had some practice! This week has been all about cleaning and fitting the sub assemblies and painting the interior of the torso. If you are doing one of these then seriously. Leave about two days for assembly. The legs alone take almost a day.

With the interior, I'd learned from experiance and left the torso section in fore and aft halves. Made it much easier to get the brush in. Still not easy but easier. The Val Grey-Green gives a nice "institutional paint" colour and feels like the sort of colour you paint things that aren't meant to be seen by the public. The dirt and oil around the floor give it some character and age.

The engine section is simarily cramped. You'll notice a variable quality in the painting, some it fairly clear, some just give an impressionist feel. Why? Because once the two halves are together and the connecting wall in place visability is really, really reduced.

One thing that I've adored about this model is in the roof, the grilled opening to exposed engine parts:

It's really hard to photograph well but enlarge the picture and take a look. The grill is an etched steel part that covers the resin componants beneath. It's an awesome effect and if you ever get a chance to see one of these in the flesh then check it out. Really nice.

Thats it for today, started painting the legs, more to follow!



  1. Caught the brush rant. After the Nuln oil, sounds like you need to think about a minimum stock level for the half a dozen things you get through quickest; looks like you can't rely on a JIT supply chain.

    1. yup, looks like I'm spending £30 or so on brushes

    2. actually, thinking about it part of the problem in this case is that they DON'T run out often, these have lasted 8 months. Its dispiriting to then go tothe supplier and be told "weeks". Grr.