Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bring the Noise (marines)

Hola fellows and fellowettes. Today we've got slannesh's favourite sons on the blog, more of the blasphemous Emperor's Children.

These are the second squad I've painted for the same client, part one can be found here. These went a whole hell of a lot faster thanks to using the Vallejo Liquid Gold rather than the citadel four pot method.

The purple is just Naggroth Night, highlighted a couple of times through Xereus Purple through to Genestealer Purple. Druchii Violet wash took them back to a proper "Cadbury's" purple. Then on with the Liquid Gold. Weapons were just gloss black, the skin tone is worth a closer look.

Now that is a face that only a mother could love. I used Rakarth Flesh - rapidly becoming indespensible - washed in Reikland Fleshtone and highlighted first in Rakarth Flesh and then a mix of Rakarth and Pallid Wych Flesh. As you can see the Twiddly Bits have made a reappearance made with thinned Lucius Lilac (pay £30 for thinned versions of a few of the Dry pigments? Ho ho ho, no. Just add a drop of Vallejo thinner and some water...).

The champion, once again, gets more Twiddly Bits in a stripe across Him/Her and a snacky sword. I was really torn about what colour to paint the sword in but am happy I went for a warpstone-ey green. The trick here is to rehighlight the sharp edges after you've glazed the colour back down. Gives it that bright, sharp quality. I was also really happy with the power fist (that I totally forgot to photograph seperately) the sharp talon ends in gold work really nicely with the purple fingers and the black casing binds it thematically to the other weapons in the army. Thats it for chaos infanty for now, there is only an ungodly amount of tanks:

These have all been basecoated with the airbrush and some of the fab new Minitaire airbrush paints (managed to get some slightly ahead of general release from Badger). First I white undercoated the lot, then sprayed charcoal grey into the recesses and then used their purple to effectively glaze the whole thing. The edge highlighting is essentially the white showing through the purple top coat. Works nicely. More on this soon folks, until then...


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