Friday, 27 July 2012

WIP Black Crusade Part 2

Hey folks, quick work in progress update for the Black Crusade project:

Stage one of painting was to paint the entire models with my Jeffrust, follow the link for the method. This gives us a nice solid rusty base to work off. The next stage was to paint all of the coloured armour panels with AK Interactive Worn Effects Fluid. This stuff takes the place of the hairspray technique showcased here. It will allow us to create a chipped and worn effect in the paint later on.

Once dry the Worn Effects is painted over with a layer of Vallejo Grey-Green, this is the perfect Death Guard in my opinion!

Once the Grey-green is dry you can gently rub at the paint with a wet, stiff brush and the tip of a cocktail stick. This reactivates the worn effects and removes the paint to give a nice worn effect.

More later! For now, head over to Black Crusade and consider donating to the project if you want your hands on these bad boys. Don't forget that the Iron Warriors are still for sale and will give you ONE HUNDRED entries in the Black Crusade draw.


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  1. High quality work; love your weathering (rust) technique. Best, Dean