Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Children of the Emperor

Here's some shots of the latest commission work! These Emperor's Children were painted with the brief of "classic pink and black". Now pink is one of those colours. It is as difficult as white or yellow to get a smooth coat and is really hard to cover mistakes. This pink was produced with a basecoat of several thin layers of Warlock Purple. The pink was then built up with sequential layers of Warlock Purple and Skull White mixes.

The layers were then blended together with a couple of thin glazes of a Baal Red and Leviathan Purple mixed wash. The recesses were then deepened with the addition of more Leviathan Purple. At this point the models looked more like Barbie's First Space Marine, the pink needed breaking up. I decided to do this with individual patterns of black over the pink. Flames, dags, stripes, thorns, lots of different options for decoration. All of the detail shots below show the patterns I chose for the first five. Weirdly, the models looked fine to the naked eye but the camera shows lots of areas where I will have to go over again with the pink!

That's all for this update. Tossing a coin now to decide whether to paint the next five of these or to launch into the Alpha Legion rhino I have got on the workbench for the same client. Hmm. Choices, choices!



  1. I've lately been toying with the idea of doing Noise Marines in robes inspired by these guys:

    I figure they're are a much better contemporary representation of the Noise Marine 'sound' than the usual "cradel ov fifth lol" you see people going on about on 40k fora when the inevitable "what music do you reckon such-and-such an army listens to" thread pops up.