Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Lost and the Damned

In the final [EDIT: turned out to be somewhat more penultimate!] part of our look at my Warriors of Chaos I present the Masters of the army, the Champions of Chaos!

This was the first of the heroes that I ever painted for this army. Obviously, the colour scheme for all the heroes was dictated by the army a few little accents were available. One was the skin tone. I felt that the traditional pallid skin tone for Slaanesh champions would be lost within all the bone armour. With the overall exotic look of the armour and weaponry I decided to represent a champion of the Southlands who had managed to journey up through the lands of the dead and traversed the World's Edge mountains to reach the Chaos Wastes. The sword represented the Blade of Blood that I had equipped him with and was painted by first edge highlighting the blade with grey over black and then glazing the blade with multiple heavy layers of magenta ink. The shield is my favourite part of this model, the camera hasn't been kind to my shading but has shown off the sculpting! The cloth tenting over the raised shield design is wonderful.

Next comes the Army Standard Bearer, I haven't gotten around to designing the banner for her (other projects attracted my magpie-like attention, ooh shiny!) but at least this means you can see her in all her glory!

The base for the model is Lillith Hesparex with all of the spikes removed. The halbard is from the champion on steed of slaanesh (being converted into a sorcerer lord) and the banner pole is made from high elf lances and standard crossbar. Finally the slaanesh disc from the same champion on steed and a skull from the warriors of chaos box tops it off nicely. The design was to create a very dynamic warrior using those long pole arms to keep a lethal arc of steel around the standard. I almost saw her pole dancing around the standard pole with the blades of the halbard decapitating those hypnotised by her movements. I remember quite a long discussion about which hair colour to go for on her. Brown would have been lost amid the banner pole, blond would have disappeared amongst the bone, black would have caused the mask to vanish. I dislike artificial coloured hair on fantasy figures and so red was the only choice!

The most recent character addition was the Games Day Chaos Champion painted for a bit of a contest between myself and the manager of the store I was working for back then.

This is a lovely figure, one of the few GD specials that felt like it was specially made rather than being a left over. Notable features of this model are the purple (which was highlighted with bleached bone and glazed with leviathan purple). The woodgrain is another one that I am happy with, khemri brown highlighted with bleached bone. The trick to woodgrain is adding a knothole to the piece of wood. You then have to work the grain around it giving a very natural look rather than the more usual straight lines you see painted normally.

EDIT: On to the final part of the army, the monstrous chaos giant!


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  1. Great work as always!!! I love the butt on the Eldar standard bearer too, looking forward to seeing the banner. Inspiring stuff.