Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tewkesbury Empire Inspiration

Heyup folks,

Thought I'd share with you all some photos from a recent day out at Tewkesbury Medieval Festival. For those readers from far flung parts, Tewkesbury was the site of one of the defining battles of the Wars of the Roses (one of Britains many civil wars). Every year 2000 re-enacters come to re-fight and celebrate this historic battle. Watching with glee it struck me that this was perfect inspiration for any Empire (and even some Bretonnian) painters out there. One of the things that has always irked me about painting my own Empire army is that they look to clean and uniform. I could never figure out why until I saw these guys in action. This is what Empire are supposed to look like! I'll have a go sometime post-current commision

Cool eh? Got lots more but there's a limit to how patient I can be with uploads (and yes, the cannon firing one is just because it's cool!)

More minis next post,



  1. Ah Mark from the Buckinghams in the next to last one, my old group, sadly now split into 2 groups.

  2. I love events like these, thanks for sharing mate.